Hi, I am Pim Hakkert, a full stack web developer.

I seek new experiences and opportunities to learn.

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My projects


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Koffieleutje is an attempt at making a subscription based coffee delivery service. Users can assemble their own boxes and select the frequency of delivery.

The goal of this project was to gain a better understanding of target group research, user testing and UX design. I also learned how to improve my designs and how I can better contribute in a team based development environment.

Project length: 5 months

Project members: Pim Hakkert & Rai Griffioen

My tasks: Front & back-end development & assisting design

Technologies used: PHP (Laravel) | SASS | Vanilla HTML/JS | Bootstrap

VervaraMC Tickets

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VervaraMC Tickets

For the VervaraMC Minecraft server I created a support ticket / bug reporting system with Laravel and Bootstrap (AdminLTE3 theme). It's a simple CRUD application that sends notifications to administrators through the use of the IFTTT platform and it's webhooks.

This website is only a small piece of the improvements I made to the structure of this organization, along with scrum based development, project management, documentation of in-game features and items, and standardization of many more parts. I am also proud to have integrated version control in a environment that was not built for software development.

Project length: Ongoing since April 2020

Project members: Pim Hakkert

My tasks: Everything

Technologies used: PHP (Laravel) | SASS | Bootstrap


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Claimbuck was a website on which deals and surveys were offered by third parties. For each completion of a survey or installation of an app, the website owner got money and the user got points. These points were tradable for digital giftcards. I made this process entirely automated from registration to the sending of giftcards to users.

The making of Claimbuck was difficult because it was the first time that I really had to pay attention to user authentication and authorization, after all, you don't want the user to get millions of points for free. This oppertunity gave me a chance to work with webhooks as per the client's request.

Project length: 2 months

Project members: Pim Hakkert & Rai Griffioen

My tasks: The entire backend, fixing bugs in the frontend and communicating with the client

Technologies used: ReactJS|PHP

My skillset

Front end development

  • HTML5 / CSS
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • ReactJS
  • Bootstrap

Back end development

  • PHP
  • Laravel / Lumen
  • Symfony
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • RESTful API's

Other skills

  • Java
  • Linux / DevOps
  • Wordpress
  • Git / SVN
  • Adobe XD / PS / AI / PR

About me

I enjoy working on full stack web (app) projects with the LAMP stack and I am always looking to gain more knowledge about the web. Other interests include Discord bot development & Minecraft Java plugin development, where I constantly learn more about NodeJS and the Java programming language.